Best Portable Propane Generators ( 2019 Reviews )

Since there are lots of generators as options but still their portability varies, power varies, runtime depends as well as their usability gives a significant impact on the generators. In this article you will you are about to get the best five portable propane generator reviews, which will make it easy for you to decide the best one.

Most of the people consider the propane generators for their home use, worksite and much more. The propane is very inexpensive compared to gasoline. You can store the propane for a long time as well, maybe up to a year as well.

Propane is always a handy fuel which generates electricity. The propane generators are generators that have the dual fuel feature. These generators run on both gasoline and propane. But yet, there are tri-fuel generators. If you are searching for the best portable propane generators for your home, then it will be tough for you to choose the best one.

Benefits of Using the Portable Propane Home Generator

The four benefits of using these portable propane generators for home use are:

  • These generators have unlimited counter life
  • They don’t need any fuel stabilizers
  • Propane generators are always biodegradable as well as non-toxic
  • The best machine required during an emergency

If you invited your friend at your home for a party and suddenly the electrical service is interrupting. Probably you will be hopeless if you don’t have the portable propane generators, as you got nothing to do with the electricity. And without electricity machines like lights, fridge, and sound system, etc. nothing will work at all.

But if you have one of the handy portable propane home generators or any portable propane electric generators. You can at-least rest or enjoy the party without thinking about the interruption of the electricity. Well! Compact Propane Generators always acts as a backup of power in such case of emergencies.

How to the Choose Best Propane Generator For Home Use?

Firstly, you must have to face loads of comprehensive reviews to choose the best propane generators. Having the best feature and usability of these generators will let you select the best one for you. Do you need the generator that has effortless portability? Would you like to have a generator that lasts longer? Do you need the one within your price range? Well! You will find all the legit answers of your questions over here.

If you can find the best generator for you, you can also figure out the value ratio of yours as well. Start with your budget and notice that what type of propane generators you can manage to buy. Then take a look at the number of watts that the generators can produce for you.

In general, the more expensive the generator you buy, the more watts it will provide for you. If you are searching for the propane generators that is better for your sensitive electronics, then add that one on the list as well.

You must also take care of the generators which are consistent as well as clean. They won’t alter any voltage which will produce even when excessive loads come. Well! This generator will eventually help you to be productive even after the power goes off.

The 10 Best Portable Propane Generators for Home Use

Over here, you are going to get the top portable propane generators arranged for you taking care of all the questions you face while choosing the generators. These are the best known portable propane generators of all time in the market. We summarize all the benefits, features as well as the lacking of all the products which will help you to choose the generators by knowing the depth of them. Let’s get started then

1. Westinghouse WGen3600DF

This Westinghouse dual-fuel propane generator is accessibly easy to begin using a push-button. It also has a remote with a single key fob to start, which you will get nowadays in luxury cars.

The Westinghouse generator was rated 3.600W on gasoline that has surge power of maximum 4.650W. This generator can run 12 hours with the four-gallon tank at half-load.

It has two power outlets of standard AC but also includes an outlet of RV-ready 30-amp along with a DC port for the battery to get charged. The Westinghouse Propane Generator weighs 100 pounds, and on each side, it broadens around two feet. Therefore, this machine is not easy for movement, especially when loaded with gas. But the wheel design on this machine makes it comfortable for the users. This generator includes a three-year warranty as well.

On propane, the generator surge power of 4.180W and gives continuous output up to 3.240W. Well! This power is more than enough for all the appliances in a single home.

On propane, the generator can run 12 hours long at half-power. And having the Iron Sleeve Engine which Shutdown the generator is taking low oil automatically, keeps the generator last longer. This product is also called the best portable propane generator.


  • Electric Start with a simple push button
  • RV Ready and also Camper
  • Fuel Change ‘On The Fly’
  • Very comfortable to handle as well as to maintain.


  • On propane the generator serge 4.180W
  • At half power, the machine runs 12 hours long
  • Includes outlet of 30-amp RV-ready


  • Includes two AC ports

2. Firman H03652

This generator looks vast at first glance because of its large cousin. But this generator is less robust compared with its size. Firman H03652 Portable Propane Generator gives output 4.550W, and on gasoline, it provides 3.650W. The reservoir of the gas is also pretty much smaller because it can hold five gallons only. It can run up to fourteen hours long with the half power.

With the weight of 122 pounds paired with those steel wheelsets, the generator is very portable. But still, it is very bulky and heavy while extending movement. To be added, the generator includes an outlet of 30-amp RV-ready but don’t have any DC port so that you can use that to charge a battery.

On Propane, the generator gives an output of 3.300W of continuous power and 4.100W of surge power. With the 20-pound propane tank, the generator can provide power for up to 15 hours long at half-power.


  • Along with the integrated fuel gauge, this generator has a 5-gallon tank
  • Reliable Start with Recoil
  • The Receptacle cover protects the generator machine from the debris, moisture, and dust.
  • Gives you the flexibility using this generator
  • Attached an extended hose of propane
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Installed for the Volt Lock
  • Includes Power Stream Alternator


  • At half power, the machine runs 14-hour long
  • Includes 30-amp RV-ready port
  • Includes warranty of three-year


  • This generator has no DC ports to the charge battery.

3. Pulsar Products PG7750B Dual-Fuel Generator

Lots of people are searching for a dual fuel generator which can deliver output power above-average with a below-above cost. This Pulsar Propane Generator gives 7.750W surge power while it runs on gasoline and provides 6.250W while it runs on continuous power. This machine has everything that you need including a meter of the runtime as well as digital power.

This propane generator also includes four AC outlets which are very standard. It also has a DC port which helps you to charge a battery. The pulsar propane generator will also give you RV-ready outlet of 3-amp.

This generator weighs about 200 pounds and includes sports wheels of 10-inch for better movement. The Pulsar Products PG7750B Dual-Fuel Generator is a bit quiet compared to all the other generators

Pulsar Product Generator provides for switches to shift the fuel system from gasoline to propane. The amazing part is that you don’t even need to switch off the generator for switching from gas to propane.

On propane, the output of this generator is 6.250W of power surge and 5.950W for the continuous power. And this generator runs for eight hours on propane at half strength. It is also known as the best portable propane generator for home use


  • 6250W Rated 7750W Peak (GAS)
  • 5950W Rated 6250W Peak (LPG)
  • Switch and Go without even turning off the generator you can switch from gasoline to propane
  • Push Start Button which is Electric and also includes battery
  • 420cc Engine of OHV
  • Four Receptacles of 120V
  • 3n1 Meter
  • Circuit Breakers
  • 2 Years of Warranty


  • This generator gives excellent output within a reasonable price
  • Includes Four Outlets of AC which is standard
  • Attached Digital Display With This Generator
  • Very Quiet Comparing With All The Other Generators.


  • Runtime is very Short Compared To Other Generators

4. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator (100263)

This dual fuel generator is compact, and it is much more expensive comparing with all the other generators. This generator is costly because it delivers a massive level of facilities from all the other generators.

The generator gives an output of 3.100W on continuous power and 3.400W of the surge power while it runs on gasoline. The runtime of the champion generator is 7.5 hours with one-quarter power and this is just because the gasoline tank is way too small.

On the face of this generator includes RV-ready outlet of 30-amp like all the other generators. It also has a DC port. But the sad part is, this machine has no meter to keep track of remain fuel, used fuel, wastages fuel, etc. This generator weighs merely 100 pounds.

This generator is extremely portable, and its wheels can quickly clog up with any muddy ground. This machine includes a warranty of three-year and also lifetime support for technical issues.

While running on propane this generator gives an output of 2.750W continuous power and 3.100W of surge Power. But the best part of this machine is, as the gasoline tank is tiny, therefore on propane the engine can run about 12 hours long.


  • Can run on both on gasoline as well as propane
  • Not as heavy as it looks. Very portable and lightweight
  • Installed push start electric button and smart charger for maintaining battery
  • Parallel Ready- You can connect with any other champion inverter to develop the power
  • Produce clean electricity for sensitive appliances.
  • Runs 14.5 hrs on propane stored 20lb tank, and on a full tank of gasoline it can run 7.5hrs
  • The very much silent machine saves lots of fuels, engine lasts longer
  • Includes propane hose


  • Output Power is very Competitive
  • Awesome understanding display
  • Includes three years warranty


  • Includes just two AC outlets

5. DuroMax XP12000 eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Here comes the most powerful and also the most competitive generator.  This machine is strong enough and is extraordinarily ready and can finally compete with the significant power outages.

The capability of the dual fuel unit will let you use either propane or gasoline. But it would be best if you run it on gas. On propane, the machine provides service for long 20 hours. And with the gasoline emissions, it can purely avoid the associated maintenance.

The DuroMax portable propane generator named as ‘Beast.’ It can power up every home appliances, a technology that comforts you and much more. The 457cc installed engine on the DuroMax OHV comfortably feeds every power panels. With this portable generator, you can use the maximum power of 12000W. The power panel of this propane generator provides individual breakers that will keep your appliances safe from overloading.

The durability of the DuroMax OHV portable propane generator provides noise cancellation muffler. With the feature of auto-shutoff that requires very less amount of oil will help your engine to survive for long. You can’t go against the DuroMax products, as this was always the best since before.


  •    The technology of Duel Fuel
  •    Frame development is of Heavy duty
  •    No noise with the completely 4-point insulated motors.
  •    Complete power panel with a warning of oil light, power outlets and circuit breaker.
  •    On propane, it can run for 20 hours long
  •    Protects the engine with the auto-shutoff that takes very less oil.


  •    Long Run Time
  •    Durability
  •    Auto-Shutoff
  •    Noise Cancellation
  •    Can run on both propane and gasoline


  •    On the entire engine, the oil spreads sometimes.  

6. WGCT5300 (Best Tri-Fuel Generator)

The most fantastic electricity provider generator is the WGCT5300 because of its tri-fuel system. Not just the propane and gasoline run a generator. This generator runs with natural gas as well.

The machine is not good at portability, but yet it can be the best choice as it can supply limitless electricity in an emergency. This machine weighs 200 pounds. Therefore it becomes difficult to move even it has wheels.

Like all the other generators, this generator also includes four AC outlets. The outlets are standard. Also has two 120Vports added with this machine. The generator provides lots of power, doesn’t matter which fuel you are using. 4.800W on continuous power and 5.300W on surge power while running the generator on gasoline. And 4.560W on constant power and 5.000W on surge power while the generator is running on natural gas.

The integrated inverter installed in this generator provides raw power for all the sensitive electronics. While running on propane, the performance doesn’t get weak at all. Instead, it produces the surge power to 5.300W, and the continuous power remains 4.800W.


  • Recoil Ignition
  • If you have low-oil on your tank, the generator will shut down automatically
  • Suitable with manual transfer switch of 30amp
  • Includes kit of mobility as well as battery
  • On propane, it runs on 13 hrs on the 20-pound fuel tank.


  • This generator has the facility of the tri-fuel system
  • Has four outlets of AC Standard
  • On propane, there will be no power drop


  • Very much expensive

Reason for buying Portable Propane Generators

There are lots of safety as well as convenience features that make the differences between the generators. So you should know those difference before you go for buying a portable propane generator. So those are:


Not all the propane generators are made with equal portability. Some generators may have 100 pounds in weight whereas some may have 200 pounds. Therefore less weight machine can be quickly moved, on the other hand, the heavyweight device cannot run the generator efficiently even though it has wheels.

Electric Start

The most loving feature of the generators is the electric ignition, and this is what every time replace the pull cord of the traditional. A generator that has electric start is very much comfortable to start. Some generators come up with digital remote functions as well.


The most important part of a generator to take care of is the safety part. You may find a lot of generators that has low oil alert or else automatic shut off when there is less fuel. These generators are always safe because running the generator even there is no oil will damage your generator, and sometimes it may cause a hazard by sparks, fire, etc.


Make sure that you take care of the outlets as well of a generator. Most of the generator in this modern time comes with 30-amp RV-ready outlets. And this is very helpful if you use the RV with your generator. You will surely find two standard AC outlets on the generators. But some has four outlets; some have more than that. So the more outlets you have, the more space you will get to plug many electronics.

Final Thought

Taking care of all the factors and the questions a customer will have, I made a list of the best five portable propane generator, with proper research. Therefore, roaming around randomly and taking opinions may waste your time.

In this article, you will find the top best five portable propane generator arranged chronologically. So these five best portable propane generators will make you comfortable to choose out the best one you need.

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